Skytech Pellet Stove Thermostat (T-Stat) SKY1001THA

This Skytech thermostat is set up for Millivolt for most wood pellet stoves and has the "swing" setting made for pellet stoves to prevent short cycling so the T-Stat will not turn on and off too quickly and hurt the appliance. Batteries are included. See below for a list of thermostat features.

The Thermo Feature on the transmitter operates the appliance whenever the ROOM TEMPERATURE varies a certain number of degrees from the SET TEMPERATURE. This variation is called the “SWING” or TEMPERATURE DIFFERENTIAL. The normal operating cycle of an appliance may be 2-4 times per hour depending on how well the room or home is insulated from the cold or drafts. The factory setting for the “swing number” is 2. This represents a temperature variation of +/- 2° F (1° C) between SET temperature and ROOM temperature, which determines when the fireplace will be activated. This function is pre-set at the factory

Note1: On most stoves just connect the receiver to the T-Stat terminals on the back of the stove or control panel

Note2: Hookup to Harman pellet stoves is simple. Connect one receiver clip to the room temp probe and the other to the stove! Set the stove on room temp mode and stove temp to the Deg F just above the T-stat set point for optimum performance. Now set your Skytel Remote to the desired temperature where ever you are in the room.