St Croix Auger Motor Mount Bracket Assembly (Auger end plate with bearing) - 80P54074-R- Special Order

St Croix Auger Motor Mount Bracket Assembly. This is the bronze bearing and end plate that holds the auger in the stove.

This is a special order item. Please contact us for details.

The high temperature gasket can be ordered here:

Click here to order St Croix End Plate High Temperature White Gasket

Fits the following St. Croix Pellet stoves:

  • Afton Bay
  • Ashby-MF
  • Ashby-P
  • Auburn
  • Eclipse
  • Element-MF
  • Greenfield
  • Hastings
  • Lancaster
  • Lincoln SCR
  • Lincoln SCS
  • Prescott
  • Revolution
  • SCF-050
  • York Insert
  • All models 2003 and earlier