St Croix OEM Air Pressure Switch or Vacuum pressure Shut Down Switch- 80P30658-R 80P20286-R 80P52628-R #STC80P20286-R#

Air Pressure Switch or Plastic Vacuum Switch for St Croix pellet stoves. Replaces 80P30658-R 80P20286-R 80P52628-R. OEM. This smaller diameter pressure switch will retro-fit to older larger type switches in older model St Croix pellet stoves with one mounting screw or a second hole can be drilled with a self tapping sheet metal screw for more secure mounting. This switch senses exhaust vacuum so if the exhaust blower looses power or fails then it will stop the top auger from feeding pellets.

The trip point is 0.05 WC = Inches of water, inches water column (inch wc or just wc) This will also shut the stove down if the exhaust venting or exhaust chambers in the stove are clogged or the fire door or ash door rope gasket is old and leaking air.

Connect vacuum hose to gray hose port and clip on wires
Fits the following St Croix pellet stoves:

Fits the following models:

  • Afton Bay
  • Ashby-MF
  • Ashby-P
  • Auburn
  • Eclipse
  • Element-MF
  • Element-P
  • Greenfield
  • Hastings
  • Lancaster
  • Lincoln SCR (Serial numbers 0-300)
  • Lincoln SCS (Serial numbers 301 and above)
  • Prescott
  • Revolution
  • SCF-050 Furnace
  • York Insert
  • Bayport
  • All models 2003 and earlier