Thelin Auger Assembly Upgraded Collar Set Bolts - Set of 2

New Item for All Thelin Pellet Stoves - Echo Parlour Gnome Pellet Stoves

Auger Feed Assembly Bucket Head Cap Screw set bolts holds motor to Auger better and helps to prevent Auger Jams from loose set bolts! 10x24-5/8"

All new auger feed assemblies come with these set bolts and now you can upgrade your Auger Assmbley for a very low cost!

These bolts are longer with a large head so a larger hex wrench can be used with more torque when installing for better holding!

Pic 2 shows original set bolts on right. Remove the auger assembly from your stove and remove these set bolts with an Allen wrench and install the new cap bolts with a larger Allen wrench.

Pic 3-6 shows the removal of the old set bolt and the installation of the upgraded stronger set bolt.

Sold in sets of 2