Thelin Parlour Control/Circuit Board Upgrade Kit (2006 & older)- replaces 00-0035-0204 w/ 00-0035-0210 Special Order

Control Board/Circuit Board Upgrade kit for Thelin Parlour pellet stoves.  Part # 00-0035-0210. Upgrades the 00-0035-0204 circuit board, which is no longer being made. Kit includes V2.2 circuit board, 16.6 microchip, new harness, and mounting adapter for conversion of pre-2003 Non-Autolite (Non ignitor) systems. (2006 & older). Circuit Board with Adapter Non Electronic Ign. 4" x 7".

This part is a SPECIAL ORDER item. Please contact us for details.

Note :
The Thelin 10 Pin Switch (Round) for V1 Early Board & Harness- 00.0005.0118 is no longer being made. If you need to replace this switch you will need this kit (00-0035-0211) if you have a Parlour or click below if you need to replace this switch and have a Gnome stove: