Universal SuperWool Fiber Firebrick Substitute - 1 piece - LY-2250A-1 22 in x 14 in x 1/2 in cut to fit (Pack of 1)- Special Order


Durable, heat-reistant universal SuperWool Fiber backing for wood or pellet stoves. Easy cut to fit with a utility knife and customize for your stove.

1 piece- Part # LY2250A-1 - size 22"x14" x 1/2" cut to fit

Note: Both sides have a smooth white finish. No simulated brick look. The white surface does turn brown with normal use.

Purpose of the SuperWool Fire Brick Board
This Fire Board has a high R value (Insulation Property of Material Thickness) to insulate the back and sides or the fire box so the heat from the flame will be focused on the heat exchanger tubes above so more heat will come out of the front of the pellet stove to heat your home.

History of Fire Brick Development
In the 1970's there were no restrictions on emissions from wood or pellet stoves, but in 1988 when EPA established emissions standards, engineers discovered how to achieve a cleaner burn. 

1. A small group of stove manufacturers chose to use cata- 
lytic converters to burn smoke at low temperatures, but a 
majority of manufacturers chose to achieve a cleaner burn 
through higher combustion temperatures, typically over 1000F. 

2 . A common approach to a clean burn is to initiate secondary combustion through the introduction of warm air into a high temperature zone of the stove. Designing an area of the stove that could maintain sufficient heat to initiate secondary combustion required a rethink on how best to insulate the stoves, and hence the introduction of baffle boards and blanket Insulation.

Superwool insulation has been developed as an alternative to ceramic fiber. It has low bio-persistence and and its use limit is similar. 

Many of these baffle boards have been coated to produce a hard shell on the outside which improves durability.