US Stove 5660 / AP5710 / Vogelzang 5770 / 5790 PCB Controller (Keypad cable & thermistor only) - 80630- Backordered #USS80630#

Keyboard pad for US Stove 5660 / AP5710 / Vogelzang 5770 / 5790 stoves. This is the keyboard pad (Printed Circuit Board Controller) that sits on top of the circuit board and plugs into the circuit board. Comes with cable connector and thermistor. See pic 2. This unit has the buttons that you press. Besides the High Limit switch being open or broken, If the thermostat wire is loose or this board is broken, it can cause an E1 error.

You may order the circuit board by clicking below here:

AP5660L/ 5660/ VG5770/ VG5790- Printed Circuit Board PCB ONLY- (for New LED Control Panel) - US Stove- 80631