Ignitor US Stove - 80543 Replacement - 3 in long - 2 male & 2 female clips #USS80543#

Ignitor for U.S. Stove American Harvest pellet stoves and Window Mount Eco Aire. 300 watt, 3" long, 3/8 inch diameter ignitor.

Fits US Stove models:

  • 6041 (prior to Oct. 11)
  • 6039
  • 2400
  • 2402

Part # 80543Comes with 2 female and two male quick disconnects. 

Note1: After removing the back and side panels, disconnect the white ignitor wires from the back of the control panel. Then remove pot stirrer hitch pin and burn pot. Remove two bolts holding ignitor housing in and remove ignitor housing. Remove ignitor cartidge from ignitor tube and insert new ignitor cartridge.

Note2: The ignitor must be aligned by looking at it from the front of the stove. The ignitor must be in the center of the tube and recessed approx. 1/4" from the front edge of the tube. Cut off old ignitor wires and use clips add on to new ignitor wires. Then wires will be long enough to reach control panel.Then install ignitor housing with two bolts and plug extended wires into control panel.


Click here to see you tube video on replacing a US stove ignitor.