Vogelzang 5770 / 5790 Low Limit (Mounts on Exhaust Housing) Switch - 3/4 in diameter air stream

 Replacement Low Limit (Exhaust) Switch/ Snap Disc (120F) for US Stove Vogelzang 5770 / 5790 pellet stoves and inserts. It is called a snap switch or low limit disc. Replaces US Stove Part # 80599 This is the snap disc/ POF Proof of fire that turns on the convection (Room) blower when stove warms up.

If your Convection or Room Blower is going on and off then this snap disc will fix the problem. Also this snap disc does not have a gasket. It senses the heat on the exhaust housing to switch the convection blower on and a gasket will interfere with it's operation.

This switch has screw terminals for easy connection to the existing wires.