Whitfield Exhaust Blower (Draft / Combustion): Replaces 12056010- 6 inch Quick Change- Fasco PP7600

This Fasco exhaust (combustion) blower fits Whitfield pellet stoves.  Replaces part # 12056010. See below for specific makes and models. This combustion blower comes with a gasket.

  • Advantage I - (WP2)
  • Advantage II - (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T - (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T Classic - (WP2)
  • Advantage III - (WP2)
  • Advantage Plus - (WP7)
  • Explorer - (WF1)
  • Frontiersman - (WF2)
  • Legend - (WP1)
  • Quest - (WP4)

The exhaust blower blows pellet dust up the venting draft blower and draws outside air into the firebox and across the heat exchange. The heat exchange warms the air that was drawn in and is essential for the production of hot air that heats your house. It is also known as a centrifugal blower or draft blower. This Quick Change motor has six screws/nuts for easy mounting and you do not have to remove the exhaust housing to install it except for some older stove models. Non OEM.


PP7600 Centrifugal Blower

75 CFM
115 Volts
.95 Amps
2800 RPM
Shaded Pole
3.3" Diameter Motor
Wheel size 4-3/4" x 1/2"

1 speed
2800 RPM @ free air
.95 amps @ free air

Note1: Fits Breckwell, Whitfield, Travis, Lopi, Country Flame, Glowboy, and Harman P2 many others, some simple modifications to this unit may be required for bolt up pattern.

Note2: Will fit stove models that have the 6” “Quick Change” style hub only


For  Breckwell stoves, the wire connections needed are one male spade clip and one female spade clip that will plug into the existing wire harness or just splice the wires in with a wire connector. 



For Travis Avalon and Lopi stoves, the wire connections needed are 2 male spade lugs that will plug into the existing wire harness or just splice the wires with a wire connector.


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