Whitfield Snap disc replacement kit for photo eye

This kit can be used to replace the photo eye in the Whitfield pellet stoves. Whitfield photo eye bypass.


1. Unplug the pellet stove power cord from AC outlet.

2.  Remove 2 screws and cover on exhaust blower housing and mount the snap disc using the 2 cover screws.

3. Strip one end of the white wire and crimp on two female quick disconnects and slide on to the snap disc male connectors.

4. Run wire around back of stove to the 2 yellow wires that go from the bottom of the control panel to the photo eye.

5. Using the wire ties provided keep the wires with the other wires and away from the stove exhaust and other hot pipes,

6. Cut both yellow wires.

7. Crimp the remaining 2 female quick disconnects to the two yellow wires coming from the control panel.

8. Crimp two male quick disconnects to the other two wires coming from the photo eye.

9. Cut the white wire from the other side of the stove to the appropriate length and crimp the two remaining male quick disconnects to the two white wires.

10. Plug the two white wires from the snap disc into the two yellow wires from the control panel.

Note: The photo eye can easily be placed back into operation of ever desired by plugging in the male quick disconnects on the 2 yellow wires back into the the female quick disconnects on the 2 yellow wires going into the control panel.