Whitfield White High Temp Gasket- Combustion/Exhaust Blower 6 in Diameter Round - (Non OEM)- PP5200

6" White High Temp Combustion/Exhaust Blower Gasket for Whitfield pellet stoves. These 6"  White High Temp Gaskets are custom cut to fit your pellet stove's combustion blower. This is standard use for exhaust blowers with 6" mounting hubs. Temperature rated at 1,000 Degrees F. This gasket bolts under the round blower onto the blower housing using 6 nuts.

Convection blowers take a different gasket. Use the left menu to find one for your convection blower. Non OEM.

Fits the following Whitfield Pellet Stoves:
  • Advantage I - (WP2)
  • Advantage II - (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T - (WP2)
  • Advantage II-T Classic - (WP2)
  • Advantage III - (WP2)
  • Advantage Plus - (WP7)
  • Explorer - (WF1)
  • Frontiersman - (WF2)
  • Legend - (WP1)
  • Quest - (WP4)