December 14, 2015

Removing a very old and rusty impeller blade from a combustion blower motor

Pulling a fan blade can be as simple as unscrewing the set screw and pulling the blade off with your hand. However if the blower has seen alot of use, then removing the impeller blade can be almost impossible!

Here is a case of a little penetrating oil spray and just inserting a Torx bit in the set screw results in a broken bit! This fan blade is almost welded on from years of rust and heat!

So here is how the Pellet Stove Master removes a rusty blade that is almost infused to the shaft!

1. Prepare the hub and set screw by scrubing surface rust off with a wire wheel.

2. Spray on the rust penatrating oil and let it sit overnight.

3. Use harden torx bits to crack the set screw by hand with a 1/4 inch wrench

In this case we did not use a regular torx bit or even one that was 1x stronger!

No this one is the 30x stronger bit!!!

4. Spray the penitrating oil into the set screw hole.

5. spray the hub again with penitrating oil and tap the puller on with a hammer.

6. insert the long set screw and the hold down screw with the proper size allen wrenches

7. Slowly crank the top bolt on the puller tool to remove the blade from the motor shaft

8. remove the long set screw, hold down screw and top bolt, then remove puller body from impeller hub.


Shaft of motor is scraped but still good

Impeller blade has been removed with no damage! See below.

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