Exhaust Blower- Hudson River West Point/Saranac - (Combustion/ Draft) Replaces HRSP 111s/ SPSW1001/ 50-901- PP7692

This combustion fan/exhaust (draft) blower fits Hudson River Saranac/West Point pellet stoves. Replaces part #s HRSP 111s, / 50-901/ PP7695.

The manufacturer states that the OEM exhaust blower for the Saranac and West Point is no longer available, however, this improved Fasco exhaust blower with housing is the official replacement.

Note: If housing is used, a low limit snap disc must be purchased separately. It is a NC (Normally closed) 3/4 air stream mount.
In either case, replacing the snap disc is recommended if it is old and worn.

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The exhaust blower blows ash up the venting and draws outside air into the firebox and across the heat exchange. It is also known as a centrifugal blower.

The maximum dimensions are 8" wide and 8" high.
Specifications: Fasc 70581261, J238-150, 60Hz, 115v, 99FLA, 3,000 RPW.