Control Panel- Hudson River West Point / Saranac - DHC 3000: HRSP 137S or SPSS-1007

This Control Panel (Board) DHC 3000 is for Hudson River West Point and Hudson River Saranac pellet stoves. Hudson River part HRSP 137S. Replaces SPSS-1007 and SPSW-1008

It is used for adjusting the heat level to make it a higher or lower setting. There are 5 heat settings on a Hudson River control board (panel). It is also used to adjust the intensity of the room fan. If you want to heat a large house or large room, adjusting the heat and room fan to higher setting helps direct the heat throughout the space. If you want to heat a smaller house or a single room, lowering the fan or heat settings limits the heat to that area and conserves energy. This is also where the on and off buttons are located on the pellet stove.

The "DHC 3000 Generation II has a horizontal slide switch on the front and only one fuse. The new updated board has all of the above but the buttons are framed and the lights have a different color tone. See pics of new and older updated panels.
If the original control panel # 2 light blinks after approx 5-10 mins and the updated control panel # 2 heat level light blinks almost right away and the vacuum switch, hose and door and ash pan gaskets are good, the control panel is bad and this new control panel will fix the problem. :-) Remember always plug the stove into a good surge protector like this one.
  The UltraBlok428 is the highest rated by absorbing up to 1,410 joules
You can purchase it here with PayPal or a major credit card. Orders can also be called in by phone


The 70k BTU Hudson River West Point should have the Control Board Jumper on Pins 2-3


The 50K BTU Hudson River Saranac Jumper on pins 3-4