Scenic Tiles for Harman P-Series pellet stoves and stand alone decorations- Special Order 2 Months

Current ETA is now 2 MONTHS before a tile can ship.

East Coast Hearth now carries Dalton Standard and Custom Scenic Tiles for your Harman P-Series Pellet Stove.

The tile dimensions are approximately 5-3/4" x 11-3/4" which fits in the tile frame of the older Harman pellet stoves and also in the ash pan insert on the newer Harman stoves

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  For the past 6 years Dalton's Memorial have been providing high quality, black granite, laser engraved inserts for Harman stove dealers across the country.These inserts are placed where the usual slate insert fits into the Harman P43, PC45, P61a, and P68 model stoves. Popular scenes include deer, elk, bear, pheasants, lighthouses, western themed, and various others. These are made to order for your personal tastes and cannot be returned.

The stove dealers have had much success in selling these granite inserts, and have found them to be a superior alternative to the simple slate tiles.

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