10 Inch OD Metal Chimney Conversion- Wood Stove to Pellet 4DT-CCKB

10" Outside Diameter Selkirk Direct Temp Metal Chimney Conversion from Wood Stove to Pellet 4DT-CCKB

 Includes: 10" Chimney Inlet Connector, 10" Chimney Outlet Connector, and screw pack.

Selkirk DT Chimney Conversion Install incorporates Selkirk Direct Temp (DT) venting with your Class A 8" or 10" Outside Diameter (OD) chimney to vent the flue gasses and warm the burn air with the built-in OAK (Outside Air Kit). Usually connects to a wood stove hookup. This listing is for 10" We also sell the 8". Click here.

A class A Chimney Conversion Kit along with Selkirk DT parts and Selkirk pellet pipe parts are needed to complete this system. See links below to view and purchase the other parts. Note: Additional straight Selkirk DT and Selkirk 4" sections may also be needed, depending upon height of the install. Support brackets may also be needed as well as a vacuum cleanout for easier cleaning. Selkirk Direct Temp straight piping can be found by clicking here.

Three parts are needed for the top of the metal chimney: Direct Temp Pellet Termination Adapter, Vertical Termination Cap, and Direct Temp Storm Collar. These are to be used with the above Chimney Conversion Kit. See the links below. These parts are needed to draw in the fresh air for the Outside Air connection on the pellet stove. The following parts are used along with the Chimney Conversion Kit for the bottom of the metal chimney: Vacuum Cleanout Pipe Adaptor, 3" Burn Air Output Adaptor, Direct Temp Telescoping, and 4" Diameter T. These can be purchased below. These parts are needed to separate the fresh warm air drawn in from the top and connect it to the pellet stove fresh air intake.

The Masonry Install can be tailored to your installation location, and the parts needed may vary depending on your needs. 

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To purchase the remaining parts click the links below.

Top of Chimney:

Direct Temp Pellet Termination Adapter

Vertical Termination Cap

Direct Temp Storm Collar


Burn Air Output Adapter 3" 4DT-VPSA 

 4" Diameter T (with cleanout cap)

Pipe Adapter (4" stove adapter)

Combustion Air Kit

Direct Temp Telescoping

Back of Stove:

3"-4" Diameter Increaser Tee 4VP-3T


4" x 25" Stainless Steel Liner Flex 405