Burn Air Output Adapter 3 Inches 4DT-VPSA

Burn Air Output Adapter 3" 4DT-VPSA for Bottom of Pellet Stove Chimney Masonry/Metal Venting Install

For the flex to air inlet on the pellet stove.

The following parts are used along with the Masonry/Metal Chimney Conversion Kit for the bottom of the chimney: Vacuum Cleanout, Pipe Adaptor, 90 Degree Fixed Elbow, 3" Burn Air Output Adaptor, Direct Temp Telescoping, and 4" Diameter T. See links below to view and purchase the other parts. These parts are needed to separate the fresh warm air drawn in from the top and connect it to the pellet stove fresh air intake.

The Masonry Install can be tailored to your installation location, and the parts needed may vary depending on your needs. Please call for us for our expertise to set up an installation package (603-553-7402) or contact us at the top menu of the page. Once we set up a quote, your PayPal or charge card can be used securely to order over the phone. We can ship directly from the warehouse to the U.S. and Canada. Installation is available in Southern NH & Seacoast, Northern MA, Merrimack valley, and Greater Boston areas.

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To purchase the remaining parts click the links below.

8" Metal Chimney Conversion Kit

10" Metal Chimney Conversion Kit

Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit

Top of Chimney:

Direct Temp Pellet Termination Adapter

Vertical Termination Cap

Direct Temp Storm Collar


90 Degree Fixed Elbow

4" Diameter T (with cleanout cap)

Pipe Adapter (4" stove adapter)

Combustion Air Kit

Direct Temp Telescoping

Back of Stove:

3"-4" Diameter Increaser Tee 4VP-3T


4" x 25" Stainless Steel Liner Flex 405