Englander 25-PDVC / PDV Glass Kit w/Gasket- AC-G9- SE36971

Fire Door Glass Kit for Englander pellet stoves. Comes with gasket. Part # AC-G9. Fits all models below except large coal and some older models, see notes below the stove model list. ALSO if you have a wood stove with spin draft controls on the door, you need AC-G3 glass. Glass measures 9” x 9” square

The following is required for processing, please provide under "Add a note to your order" at checkout:

  • Stove's model (Example: 25-PDV)
  • Manufacturing date
  • Serial (Example: 003578) #
  • Phone #
  • 25-PAF, 55-SHP25 and 55-TRP25 Parts
  • 25-PDV, 25-PDVP, 55-SHP15, 55-SHP22 and 55-SHP22L, 55-TRP15, 55-TRP22, American Heritage and US 25-5670
  • 25-PI, 55-SHP20 and 55-TRP20
  • 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10 and 55-SHP10L, American Standard and 55-TRP10
  • 18-MH, 50-SHW15 and 50-TRW15
  • 18-TR, 18-TRD, 50-SHW10, 50-SHW10D
  • 50-SHW10DL, 50-TRW10 and 50-TRW10D
  • 24-ACD, 24-FC, 50-SHW24, 50-SHW16 and 50-SHW16
  • 50-TRW24 and 50-TRW16
  • 28-3500, 50-SHW35 and 50-TRW35
  • 27-C2000, 27-C3000, 50-SHWC2 and 50-SHWC3, 50-TRWC2 and 50-TRWC3

NOTE: For older stove models - Check your owner's manual to insure correct part number. Measure the original glass if owner's manual is not available and compare to sizes listed in these descriptions.
NOTE: COAL STOVE OWNERS - If you own the small coal stove (models 27-C2000 or 50-SHWC2), measure your glass area - you may need AC-G8 glass instead of this glass. Please call if you have questions. If you own the large coal stove (models 27-C3000 or 50-SHWC3), order AC-G8 glass.