Gasket - Ardisam Exhaust Blower White High Temp Replacement Gasket 18522 for Exhaust / Combustion Blower # 720110- 720295

These White High Temp Gaskets will fit Ardisam Castle and Serenity stove models. Temperature rated at 1,000 Degrees F. Non OEM.

This White High Temp Gasket fits the following Ardisam pellet stove exhaust blowers:

  • Castle HPS09
  • Castle HPS10
  • Castle HPS10IC
  • Serenity

To Install just perform the following steps.

1. Turn the stove off, let it cool down and unplug the cord from the wall
2. Remove the left side of the stove, unclip the 2 exhuast blower wires and remove the 4 screws holding the blower into the housing.
3. Remove the impeller blade & nut by turning the nut clockwise
4. Using a razor blade knife scrape off the old white gasket and the glue under it.
5. Using high temperature Silicone (RTV) apply some to the blower mounting hub and the back of the new gasket, then push the gasket over the blower shaft.
6. Install the Impleller blade and nut by turning the nut counter clockwise
7. Using an awl or sharp pointed object punch 4 holes into the new gasket for the mounting bolts.
8. Install mounting bolts and clip wires back on and plug stove back into wall outlet. Blower is AC so wires can go on either clip.
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