Convection Blower Extender - US Stove 5660 & Ashley 5660 Bay Front (Non OEM) #FMCBLREXT#

Convection Blower Extender ( Snorkel ) for US Stove 5660 & Ashley Bay Front pellet stoves. Works with Convection Blower part # 80622 not included.

Keeps blower cooler by moving it back away from the firewall. Prevents blower overheating.

This heavy duty extender plenum puts the blower in the back of the stove to keep the motor cooler. It has 2 sets of blower mounting holes for side mounted blowers for much longer life.

The 5/16" blower mounting holes on the slant side mounting flange will take 1/4"x20 - 3/4" long course thread bolts, lock washers and nuts. Serrated nuts can be used with no lock washers.