Englander Pellet Stove Ignitor- PU-CHA: 2 female clips- 44291

This 300 watt 4" long 3/8 inch diameter igniter with 2 female quick disconnect clips on long wires. Does not come with igniter collar and set screw. Will fit Englander 25-PDVC and most other Englander model wood pellet stoves. Part # PU-CHA. See models listed below. OEM Englander part.

The igniter must be aligned by looking at it from the front of the stove. The ignitor must be in the center of the tube and recessed approx. 1/4" from the front edge of the tube.

Englander Igniter fits these models:

25-PDVC  / 55-SHP10 / 55-SHP10L / 55TRP10

25-PDV  / 25-PDVE / 25-PDVP / 55-SHP15 / 55-SHP22 / 55-SHP22L / 55-TRP15 / 55-TRP22 / US 25-5670

25-PI  / 55-SHP20 / 55-TRP20

25-EP  / 55-SHPEP / 55SHPEPL / 55-TRPEP (Evolution Pellet)

25-EPI /  55-SHPEPI / 55SHPEPIL / 55-TRPEPI (Evolution Pellet Insert)

25-IP  / 25-IPM / 25-IPS / 55-SHPIP / 55-SHPIPL / 55-SHPIPM / 55-SHPIPS / 55-TRPIP / 55-TRPIPM / 55-TRPIPS (Imperial Pellet)

25-PAH  / 55-SHPAH / 55-SHPAHL / 55-TRPAH (Pellet Auxiliary Heater)

NOTE: This is also the igniter for pellet grills with PG100 in the model number.

See Picture on Right with warranty card.