Englander PU-CB14 Control Panel & Circuit Board 25-CB120/25-SSP01- Smart Stove- PL36983- 44276- MODEL/ MFG DATE/ PHONE REQUIRED---

Englander Smart Stove Digital System Control Panel & Circuit Board Board PU-CB14. Fits the following Englander pellet stoves:

  • 25-CB120/55-SHPCB120/55-TRPCB120
  • 25-SSP01/ 55-SHSSP01/ 55-TRSSP01
  • 25-CAB80S / ESW0022
  • 25-CAB80/ 55-SHPCAB80

To program control board & process the order, the following is required. Please provide under "Add a note to your order" at checkout:

  • Stove's model (Example: 25-PDV)
  • Manufacturing date
  • Serial (Example: 003578) #
  • Phone #

These can be found on a metal plate on the back of your stove