US Stove Ashley AP5660 Ignitor- 300 Watt 4 Inch Long- 2 Male Clips- PP3511 #CHSPP3511#

Ignitor for the new Ashley 5660 pellet stoves. 300 watt. 4" long. 2 male clips. Many older 5660 models require a 6 inch long igniter.

Only this new Ashley 5660 stoves require this 4" ignitrer. The 5660 requires the 6" long igniter so please measure the old igniter you are replacing.
You may order the 6" 5660 Igniter by clicking here.
This 4" ignitor comes with 2 male clips and is used in newer 5660 model pellet stoves with the seperate igniter tube located above the air intake tube. Non OEM See pics

This ignitor will fit the following US Stove model:

  • AP5660L
  • AP5660P