December 25, 2015

Upgrading the Englander PU-CB98 to PU-CB04

The old Englander knob control panel and the Digital PU-CB98 Englander Control panels can be replaced by the Englander PU-CB04 control panel.

In the following example, I replaced an Englander Digital PU-CB98 Englander Control panel in a 2006 Englander 25-PDV. The old control panel on that stove increased and decreased the room blower speed with the exact same heat range number. The new panel allows the blower speed to be set higher from the heat range to provide better control and circulate more heat using less pellets.

The PU-CB98 shown below on left as well as the old knob control panels which are no longer made do not have any igniter connection.

See detailed instructions on the England Stove Works web site

Click here for Instructions to use the PU-CB04 in place of the old PU-CB98 or old Knob Control Panel for no Igniter Pellet Stoves.


Pic1 - PU-CB98 on left and PU-CB04 on right


Pic2 - PU-CB98 on left and PU-CB04 on right


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