Convection Blower (Room) 250-00588- Avalon / Lopi: Large- PP7360

This Convection Blower is for the larger Lopi and Avalon free standing pellet stoves and inserts. Replaces part #s 250-00588, 90-0491, 98900755, and 98900755a. This fan will not fit smaller models from Avalon or Lopi. See the list below for compatible models. The Convection Blower draws the room air in through the back of the stove into the heat exchanger and out the front. This creates the warm air that heats the house.

To remove the old blower just remove the two screws on the right side of the blower and slide the blower out. It is not necessary to remove the two screws on the inside of the blower.

The stove mounting bracket must be removed  from the old blower and screwed onto this new blower before installing in the stove.

Note: The original blowers in the stove did not come with a flange gasket just 4 small rubber feet. This blower comes with a flat rope gasket that is peel and stick, See 2nd pic.


130 CFM

173 Watts

115 VAC

1.5 Amps

 Fits the following Travis Pellet Stoves:

Avalon -

  • 900 PI & PS
  • AGP
  • Arbor
  • Astoria PS
  • Astoria Bay PI


  • AGP
  • Fox Fire 400 PS & PI
  • Leyden PS
  • Yankee PS & PI