Convection Blower (Room)- Avalon / Lopi- Replaces 250-00589: Small - 11-1215

Upgraded Small Tangential Convection Blower. Replaces part # 250-00589, part # 11-1215  Fits the smaller Travis Lopi and Avalon free standing pellet stoves and inserts. It has a larger bearing and stronger motor than the OEM unit. Replaces Travis part # 250-00589 or 98900755A or 250-03861. This fan will not fit larger models from Avalon or Lopi. Non OEM.

Avalon Pellet Stoves:

  • Avanti PI
  • Avanti PS
  • Newport Bay PI
  • Newport PS

Lopi Pellet Stoves:

  • Heritage Bay PS
  • Heritage Bay PI
  • Pioneer Bay PI
  • Pioneer PS

Avalon Gas Stoves:

  • Most Avalon Gas Stoves -Fireplace Xtrordinair- Check part number

Lopi Gas Stoves:

  • Most Lopi Gas Stoves- Fireplace Xtrordinair-Check part number
Replaces old Avalon and Lopi part # 98900755a

The Convection Blower draws the room air in through the back of the stove into the heat exchanger and out the front. This creates the warm air that heats the house.

See our blog on how to keep this blower running quietly >>

See pictures on right.

Overall Length = 12-1/2"

Distance between end mounting screws (See Red Arrows) = 8-3/8"


130 CFM
1800 RPM
CW Rotation
0.88 AMP
Skel Frame
S.P. Type
Ball Bearing
Height: 3.25 inches
Width: 3.75 inches
Overall Length: 12.50 inches
Discharge Opening: 9.50 inches x 1.375 inches

Cross References:Northern Flame FK24, FK-24, A232, D232, BHDR36, DV360, DV580, DVR33, DVRS3, Majestic FK24, 54103, 36BDVR, 33DBCVRRN, DBT33,DBT36, DBT39, DBR33, DBR36, DBR39, CFM HE20, , DVRSL, DVRSR, DVRT36, DVRT39, DVRT43, DVRT41, DVRTSB, FSUV, LHEC20, LHEC30, LHECDV20, LHECDV30, NV360, NV580, NVC, RFS22, RFS32, RFS42, RFSDV22, RFSDV32, RFSDV42, RFSDV24, RFSDV34, RFSUV34, RHE25, RHE32, RHE42, RHEDV25, RHEDV32, RHEDV42, RUVS32, UVS33, UVS36, PYROMASTER FSHUV20RN, FSHUV30RN, FSHUV20RP, 43LDVRRN, FSHUV30RP, 36BDVRRN, 36LDVRRN, NVC36, 36XDVRFN R7-RB65 R7RB65 HB-HB65 HBHB65, R7-RB64, 65240-C, EM3030LH-85, Avalon Part Number 250-00589, 30130, HEB30 (check specs) NOTE: THIS IS A BLOWER ONLY REPLACEMENT FOR ALL MODELS LISTED

Revcor Tangential Room Blower