Igniter- Travis Lopi / Avalon: Pellet Stoves- 200 Watt- 4 in with 2 male clips - Replaces 99300148 & Small & Large Stoves - PP3550

Ignitor 200 watt, 4" ignitor for Lopi and Avalon small pellet stoves and pellet inserts from 1997 though the present. Replaces Lopi and Avalon 200 watt ignitor part # 99300148 & 99300149. See below for install instructions.


Avalon Pellet Stoves:
Astoria Bay PI
Astoria PS
Avanti PI
Avanti PS
Newport Bay PI
Newport PS

Lopi Pellet Stoves:
Heritage Bay PI
Heritage Bay PS
Leyden PS
Pioneer Bay PI
Pioneer PS
Yankee Bay PI
Yankee PS

Aftermarket replacement for Travis part # 99300149

 Ignitor cartridge Install Instructions.

1. Open right side panel.

  •     Open hopper lid and remove screws holding door with phillips screwdriver.

2. Remove rear access panel 6 screws with 1/4" nut driver.

3. Remove the tangential convection (Room) blower.

  •     Pull the 2 wires off the blower motor.
  •     Remove the two nuts holding the right side of the blower mount with a 11/32" nut driver.
  •     Remove the stud bracket.
  •     Pull the room blower straight out the right side of the pellet stove. (Careful not to damage wiring).

4. Remove the ignitor and housing.

  •     Remove nut with 5/16" socket.

5. Remove ignitor cartridge from igntor housing.

  •     Loosen set screw with allen wrench and remove ignitor cartridge.

6. Install new ignitor cartridge.

  •     Remove rubber grommet from old ignitor and slip into new ignitor.
  •     Crimp on the 2 male connectors.
  •     Slide new cartridge into ignitor housing (Align front of ignitor in recess tube
  •     Assure ignitor is centered in ignitor tube when tightening down set screw.

7.Re-Install ignitor and blower in reverse order above and tighten down side panel of stove.