Magnum Auger Bushing Set RP2091- Baby T40 Winchester

This set contains auger bushings (bearings) for Magnum Baby Countryside, Winchester, T40, Essex, and Avent pellet stoves. If your auger bushings are old and worn, then replace them so the auger motor will last longer. The bushing connects the base of the auger to the pellet stove backing plate.

Note: The brass bushing in this set is not compatible with Countryside stoves. The brass bushing is this set is only compatible with the models listed below. If you need two bushings for Countryside, please click the link below.

Magnum Countryside Bushing

Fits the following Magnum pellet stoves:

  • MagnuM Avent DC
  • MagnuM Baby Countryside AC
  • MagnuM Baby Countryside DC
  • MagnuM Essex DC
  • MagnuM T40 Fireplace Insert AC
  • MagnuM T40 Fireplace Insert DC
  • MagnuM T40 Queen Ann Leg Unit AC,
  • MagnuM T40 Queen Ann Leg Unit DC
  • MagnuM Winchester AC
  • MagnuM Winchester AC Fireplace Insert
  • MagnuM Winchester DC
  • MagnuM Winchester DC Fireplace Insert