Breckwell Convection (Room) Blower Kit to Upgrade & Rebuild A-E-33A- 1 Male (Black) & 1 Female (White) Clip

This convection (room) blower Upgrade & rebuild kit is for newer Breckwell pellet multi-fuel models. Blower kit has stronger 1.75 amp motor and is the same 3,000 RPMs as the OEM blower to produce the same 120 CFM. This smoother ball bearing motor is built to last longer.

Fits the following newer Pellet Stoves Distribution Blower :

  • Breckwell (Replaces Parts A-E-33 and A-E-33A) - Pellet Stove Models: P22 Maverick, P23 Sonora, P23I Sonora Insert, P24 Blazer, P24I Blazer Insert, P1000 Big E PWA/PCA, P2000 Tahoe, P2000I Tahoe Insert, P2700 Mojave, P4000 Classic Cast, P6000 Heartland, P7000 Solstice

Kit includes high quality 1.75 amp motor, new squirrel cage, 3 #10 mounting nuts, washers, lock washers, and high temperature silicone gasket.

Note: To assure exact fit see picture of used OEM Breckwell Blower at right with 3 mounting holes.
To install this kit just do the following:
1. Remove 3 metal screws over squirrel cage impeller and remove ring.
2. Spray old motor shaft with PB blaster. Remove squirrel cage set screw with Torqx T20 driver and remove squirrel cage applying even pressure under cage with a screw driver or small pry bar.
3. Remove 3 motor nuts and remove old motor and shaft.
4. Clean blower housing and install new parts from kit in reverse order.
5. Use new high temperature silicone gasket when mounting blower assembly in pellet stove and plug in power wires. Connect green wire under stove bolt or nut for proper grounding.


The Convection Blower draws the room air in through the back of the stove into the heat exchanger and out the front. This creates the warm air that heats the house. AMP-UNIVDIST-KIT