Dust Screen (Large) - Convection (Distribution/ Room) Blower

Dust screen fits Harman and other convection (room, distribution) blowers. Effectively prevents dust or pet hair from clogging your convection (room) blower and causing it to stop running. The dust can easily be wiped from the screen. They are also easy to remove when giving the squirrel cage it's yearly cleaning. They are made from heavier steel than average screening material for extended life.

Note: For some stoves, new mounting holes must be drilled to match existing screws

The small screens come with Englander 25-PFS convection blowers produced in their factory. These screens have been used on Englander's hybrid pellet stoves since the early 90s and we have witnessed some earlier stoves with the original blowers still running. These screens are still manufactured and fit many convection blowers. Englander pellet stoves use a smaller version, which we also carry. Click the link below.

Englander Convection Blower Dust Screen

Note 1: First, tighten one of the 3 screws on the blower and slide the dust screen under the other two screws, then tighten for a secure fit. Also fits other stoves with small convection blowers. See picture on right.

Note 2: These screens are not an exact fit. To install on your convection blower check the dimensions and drill holes in the dust screen if needed.