Hudson River Pellet Stove Back Panel Component Cooling Fan Kit - 120 VAC axial or muffin style - for longer lasting motors

This 120 VAC axial cooling fan is made of high strength aluminum with double ball bearings that lasts 67K hours. When mounted in the back of your pellet stove, it brings in additional cool air to make the exhaust blower and other motors last longer. The motor designers and engineers all agree that heat is one of the major causes of bearing failure in motors and fans. The build up of heat in the back of the pellet stove can cause these blowers to fail more quickly. I have seen exhaust blowers last from 2 years to 20 years. Usage and heat buildup are the causes. Therefore abating heat buildup can add years to the life of the motors and blowers.

This cooling fan will automatically turn on when the stove is turned on and turn off when the exhaust blower shuts down. Testing has shown the temperature around the exhaust blower can be lowered 10 to 15 degrees. In comparison it is like changing the heat when cooking meat from medium to rare! Also the additional heat is being pushed into the room thru the left side panel increasing the stove's efficiency too!

This fan can be easily installed on the inside of the back panel by doing the following:

1. Using a magic marker, mark the side and top of the fan on the inside back panel so the fan is as close as possible to the left side of the stove and there is enough space at the top so it does not come in contact with the exhaust venting. See pic 1-4

2. Remove the back panel and align the fan with the side and top marks

3. Use an awl or small thin screw driver, make marks on the back panel by inserting the marking tool thru the bolt holes to mark the center of the holes that need drilling. On this Hudson River Saranac, three holes were drilled to secure the fan to the back panel. Assure the 2 power contacts are accessible for the wire connectors. Then bolt the cooling fan to the back panel and screw the back panel back onto the stove. Add the fan guard on the inside if you wish at this time. The head of the screws can be on the back panel so the vacuum switch can be mounted on the top inside corner of the fan. See Pic 2 & 4

4 Unplug the exhaust blower from the stove's wire harness and plug the harness and blower into the orange wire adapter. Plug the orange wire adapter onto the fan. See Pic 3

5. Tuck the orange wires neatly into the bottom of the stove, use wire ties if needed and assure these wires do not touch any hot parts including the exhaust blower and housing. Close side door and turn stove on and assure cooling fan starts when the exhaust blower starts. See Pic 3