Hudson River Saranac / Savanah Tasman 40 1 RPM High Quality 901H Auger Motor (hole in shaft)- Replaces (HRSP 107s) CCW from rear with 2 male clips

1 RPM High Quality 901H Auger Motor with hole in shaft with 2 male clips for Hudson River Saranac  / Savanah Tasman 40 pellet stoves. Replaces KMF-3140 CMF-03 and part # hrsp 107s. Motor shaft turns Counter Clockwise looking at the pellet stove from the rear.

 The auger motor turns the auger, which transfers the pellets from the hopper to the burn pot. It feeds the fire and keeps the flame going. The auger motor must be replaced if it slows down or skips under a load (gears are stripped in the gear box when turning the auger.) See below for compatible models and specifications. In older stove models the auger may stop when the stove gets hot. This may mean the auger motor needs replacing. Please consult a professional in your area to determine that this is the issue.

A hitch (cotter) pin is need to attach the auger to the auger motor. Click here to view: 

Hitch Pin


115 Volts  FLA/LRA 0.72 Amps  1 RPM
Continuous duty, Impedance Protected

1 in. x 3/8 in. shaft