Hudson River West Point Auger Upgrade Kit - 901H w/ hole in shaft & hitch pin & 2 male clips - CCW / Nylatron Bearing w/ End Plate

This is the best fix for your worn out bronze auger bearing and tired auger motor. This upgraded motor has more magnetic plates for more torque to power through a full hopper and a Nylatron bearing that will not gum up and jamb up! Better than the old anti jam kit. 

Kit includes 1.2 RPM Hi Quality GA auger motor with hole in shaft, hitch pin and nylatron bearing in end plate, and end plate gasket with drill template

Note: This kit will only work with original auger and 2 -- 1/4" drill holes required in new end plate. Drill template included.

Pic 1 - Auger upgrade kit

Pic 2 - Shows 2 holes made in new auger end plate for HR West Point using the OEM end plate as a template with stop in lower right corner.

Pic 3 - Shows plate mounted to stove with stop tab on right side and gasket is on the inside.