Pellet Fireplace Insert Cleanout 4 Inch Liner Venting Kit- Duravent Pro # 4PVP-T3 / 4PVP-ADFF / 3PVP-AD / 4PVP-E45

This Cleanout 4 Inch Liner Venting Kit is specifically for pellet stove fireplace inserts. It can be a safety hazard to install venting on a pellet insert incorrectly. This kit enures you have the proper parts for this type of install. This high quality Duravent Pro venting has stainless steel inner wall and is of with the best quality contruction. To install use high temp silicone, self tapping screws, and slip plate on the cleaning cap (See links below to purchase). It is extremely important to clean out the venting at least once a year to keep the stove running and keep your home safe. 4PVP-T3 / 4PVP-ADFF / 3PVP-AD / 4PVP-E45

Tube of high temperature RTV

Cartridge of high temperature RTV for your caulking gun

Slip Plate