Saratoga/Niagara v.1 Ignitor Hudson River- 6 in Long- Replaces HRSP 514s- 2 female clips- Red Stove

Ignitor for Hudson River Saratoga/Niagara version 1 pellet stoves (red stove). Replaces part # HRSP 514s. 300 watt, 6" long, 3/8 inch diameter. Comes with 2 female quick disconnects.

Note 1: There are 2 versions of the Saratoga Pellet Stove. This part is for the Version 1, which is a red stove.

If your stove is black, grey cast or steel colored, it is a Version 2 stove. You would need part 814s. Click here to view part 814s
Note 2: Run ignitor wire through air intake tube first, then crimp on clips.

Note 3: The ignitor must be aligned by looking at it from the front of the stove. The ignitor must be in the center of the tube and recessed approx. 1/4" from the front edge of the tube.