Burnpot Insert for Breckwell & US Stove- Fits A-S-Burnpot/ A-S-Burnpotni- pp2010 #CHSPP2010#

Older Breckwell & US Stove Stainless steel burnpot/ firepot insert. Fits inside the A-S-Burnpot/ A-S-Burnpotni firepot. 3-9/16" wide. Non OEM. Will not replace the cast iron basket. If you have a cast iron burn pot, you have to replace the whole burn pot.

Fits the following Breckwell pellet stoves:

  • P22 after 1994 and newer 
  • P23 after 1994 and newer 
  • P24 after 1994 and newer 
  • P32 years 1994 and newer 
  • P1000 (Most Models) - Will not fit SP II
  • P2000 FS after 2003 and newer 
  • P2000I years 2002 and newer 
  • P2000FS years 2003 and newer 
  • P27000 years 2001 and newer 

Note: Check your manual and if you have the A-S-Burnpot in your Big E this WILL fit.

Double check by measuring your burn pot
This pot is:3-5/8' wide and 3-1/2" front to back of top of insert

However if you have the newer Breckwell that has the insert with legs, then you need the USSC Style Stove Burn pot insert with larger 3/8" Igniter hole. Click here
Click here for Big E SP II Burnpot


Fits the following US Stove models:

  • 5040