Upgraded 230 CFM Convection Blower w/ Convection Blower Extender - Hudson River West Point- 2 male clips- Special Order

Upgraded 230 CFM Convection Blower with Convection Blower Extender ( Snorkel ) for Hudson River West Point pellet stoves. Replaces Convection Blower part # HR110s or 80622.

This is a special order item. Please contact us for details.

This blower pushes out more heat and you can feel it father away but it is gentle and quieter air flow, more volume less pressure. It also has lubrication holes for Anderol 465 light synthetic bearing oil or Marvel Mystery oil. You may order the oil here

Click here to order Anderol 465 synthetic bearing oil

This heavy duty extender plenum puts the blower in the back of the stove to keep the motor cooler. It has 2 sets of blower mounting holes for side mounted blowers for much longer life.

The 5/16" blower mounting holes on the slant side mounting flange will take 1/4"x20 - 3/4" long course thread bolts, lock washers and nuts. Serrated nuts can be used with no lock washers

The Extender and side mounted blower lasts much longer than the original with motor on top of the squirrel cage. The weight of the motor wears down the squirrel cage and it gets unbalanced. This side mounted version lasts longer. Blower comes mounted on plenum with both re-usable silicone gaskets. One gasket on blower and one to connect to stove.