West Point High Quality 1.2 RPM Auger Motor with hole in shaft- Hudson River Replaces HRSP 307WP or Part # SPSW1006 - CCW from rear with 2 male clips

1.2 RPM High Quality GA Auger Motor for Hudson River West Point pellet stoves. Part # HRSP 307WP or Part # SPSW1006. The OEM motor is 1.5 RPM, this is a higher quality 1.2 RPM motor with a better ball bearing and more magnetic plates and better ball bearing that is stronger and will last longer.

115 Volts  FLA/LRA 0.72 Amps  1 RPM
Continuous duty, Impedance Protected

1 in. x 3/8 in. shaft

The Anti-Jam kit is no longer available. We do sell the upgraded Nylatron bearing and end plate that actually works better than the old Anti-Jam kit! This works for all Saranac and West Point Augers with the 3/4" shaft. You must drill 2 holes in the end plate to match the mounting bolts.

Nylatron Bearing and End Plate