April 03, 2014

Tutorial: How to Reverse the Direction of an Auger Motor


Certain stoves need the auger motor to be set up for clockwise rotation (CW) while other need to be set up for counterclockwise rotation (CCW). If you turn the auger by hand without the auger motor, then you can tell which direction to set the motor in order to push pellets into the auger chute then the burn pot. To test whether it is now turning in the correct direction, connect an AC cord directly to the auger. To flip the magnet and change the direction you can follow these 7 steps:

1. Remove the two screws that only hold the magnet to the gearbox.
2. Remove the 2 screws that hold the motor brush and shaft to the back of the motor.
3. Remove the motor brush from the large hole.
4. Flip  the magnet and the wires over. Be careful not to pinch the wires when you're done.
5. Insert the motor brush back into the hole and insert the 2 screws and carefully tighten them down.
6. Insert the 2 screws that hold the magnet down.
7. Connect an AC cord to test proper operation and correct direction.


One sign that an auger motor must be replaced is if it slows down or skips under a load (gears are stripped in the gear box when turning the auger.) It is recommended to check with a local service person to see if this is the issue. We highly recommend Gleason Avery auger motors. They are made with the highest quality ball bearings that make them outlast other motors and they fit many pellet stoves. These motors are the highest quality gearbox motors made by Gleason-Avery with stall torque at 200 in lbs truly the workhorse of the line to help prevent auger jams compared to other common motors that are approx. 155 in lbs. If you are looking for an auger motor, you can contact us (click here) and we can help you find the right auger motor for your stove. We carry Gleason-Avery as well as some OEM motors. You may also visit the links below (we also have some that are not on the website that we can post for you on request). We can flip the auger motor to the correct orientation for your stove on Gleason-Avery Motors.

1 RPM Auger Motor (Englander, Enviro, Hudson River, Travis, Whitfield, Astroflamm, Regency, Pellet Master) - See pages for specific models.

2 RPM Auger Motor (Englander, Mangum, St. Croix Pellet Stoves)

4 RPM Auger Motor (Magnum)

4 RPM Auger Motor (Harman after 2009)

4 RPM Auger Motor (Harman before 2009)