October 05, 2013

Trouble Free Pellet Feeding Performance - Pimp Up Your Auger!

If your pellets are not dropping and the auger is binding or just a bit squeaky, then you need a complete auger servicing.
The photos below were taken of the top auger in an Englander 25-PDVC but the procedure can be applied to any brand stove's auger.

Here are the steps we take to pimp up our customer's auger for less resistance and longer auger motor life while trying to avoid the dreaded auger binding and jams!
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In my experience, even a new less expensive brush type auger motor will work well after this treatment but if you want the best and longest life from your motor, then go with the high quality ball bearing Gleason-Avery. Auger motors get weak due to aging windings where the laminations breakdown and cause shorts in the wires, worn gears can slip and skip in the gearbox and auger bearings wear so the motor shaft does not turn freely after years of use, so a new auger motor is highly recommended as the total cure for pellets not dropping. Multi-testers using the ohms scale only measure any resistance from one auger motor terminal to the other. Since we are checking continuity here measuring the resistance of the auger motor windings will show little difference between a brand new motor and a very old one. If any part of the coil wire is broken or open the muti-tester will read infinity but the shaft will not turn in that case. Even if the weak auger runs at start up, it may stop running when the stove heats up or with shorts in the windings the magnetic field may be much weaker  causing it to have less torque and quit under load. That is a more likely sign the auger motor needs replacemnt.
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1. Remove all black carbon with a wire wheel.
2. Ground down burrs and jagged edges with an arrow shaped grinding stone.  This works well on cast iron augers.
Note: The grinding stone is used sparingly on stainless steel augers due to scratching.

3. Smooth out auger with Emory cloth from your local hardware store
4. Clean up auger with a rag and Acetone from your local hardware store
5. Mask up bottom gasket with masking tape and spray down auger with Dry Moly Spray.

Dry moly spray is not usually sold at the local auto or hardware stores
The dry moly spray can be ordered from us as part of the lube kit by clicking the link below.
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6. Smooth, clean and spray the auger tubes and grease the bearings!
7. Re-Assemble auger in chute.
8. Turn auger by hand to assure proper alignment and smooth operation.
9. Attach auger motor.
10. Test auger motor with AC test cord if available.

See the final finished picture of the serviced auger that is clean, smooth with no burrs! The auger is slick to the touch for easy turning!

Note: Damp or wet wood pellets or wood pellets loaded with fines (sawdust) will still jam up augers. Always screen fines or buy good quality wood pellets!




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