May 06, 2017

Cleaning Your Breckwell Airwash Baffle Keeps the Fire Door Window Clean


Recently, I rebuilt an older Breckwell P22. It’s a super efficient unit that puts out a lot of heat for it's size. This stove is still being made and it’s known as the Maverick P22. The glass can get sooty pretty easily, so I removed the airwash baffle on the firedoor. The baffle directs the incoming fresh air so that it flows against the inside of the firedoor glass, pushing the internal smoky air away. This keeps the window cleaner. I found quite a bit of ash build up as you can see in the photos below. On the low heat levels there is less air,so the ash drops into the baffle, thus decreasing the amount of fresh air flow even more. To clean the baffle, I take a wire brush or a wire wheel on my drill driver and scrape it clean. To remove the remaining rust and residue you can use acetone on a rag. To prevent this, I recommend cleaning the baffle once or twice per year. I recommend using Rutland White-Off to clean the glass.

Pic 1 - P22 fire door

Fire Door Pellet Stove

Pic 2 - Fire Door inside

Fire Door Pellet Stove

Pic 3 - I removed the 2 nuts holding airwash baffle and removed the airwash baffle plate. You can see the ash build up.

Fire Door Pellet Stove

Pic 4 -  Closeup of ash build up.

Fire Door Pellet Stove

Pic 5 - Dirty marks on the glass caused by clogged air wash baffle.

Fire Door Pellet Stove

Pic 6 - Closeup shows that the there’s no gasket along the bottom of the glass, which allows air in from the outside in front of the glass, keeping it clean. The gasket should only be installed along the top and sides. Also, a washer in each bottom corner of the glass creates a gap between the baffle and the glass,allowing fresh air inside, thus keeping the inside of the firedoor glass clean, even while the stove is running. Keeping the airwash baffle clean, will help keep this gap open, providing proper airflow.

Fire Door Pellet Stove

Pic 7. - I used White-Off glass cleaner to clean the glass.

Fire Door Pellet Stove


Pic. 8- Tools to Clean Air Wash Baffle and Glass. Use the sockets to remove the air wash baffle. A scraper can be used to remove any remaining hardened ash. Silicone is used for for installing gaskets. The tape can be used to seal the caulking gun so it doesn't dry out.

Tools For Door Glass

Pic 9- Newly Installed Door and Glass Gasket. If the door gasket is old and worn, you won't have a good seal and it will lead to airflow problems and the airwash baffle will not work properly. It is recommended to replace it about every three years or so depending on how often you use the stove.

Installed Door and Glass Gasket Breckwell

Link to view and purchase silicone tube:

Link to view and purchase silicone cartridge:

 Link to view and purchase door gasket:

 Link to view and purchase glass gasket:


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