October 12, 2018

Which Burn Pot Liner is Correct for my Enviro Pellet Stove?

Buying pellet stove parts online is convenient. Just type "Enviro" and "burn pot liner." A quick search can find you just what you need.

But your search might return multiple results. Enviro EF2 burn pot liner, Enviro Maxx Burn pot liner, Enviro Windsor burn pot liner. You see a bunch of part numbers. You think to yourself, " I know I have an Enviro stove, but I'm not sure which model." This happens often. We've known customers who move into a new home that comes with a pellet stove, but the former owner doesn't tell them what their stove model is.

Do not go by just what the burn pot looks like in the photo. Some Enviro burn pots look similar, but come in different sizes.

If you have the stove manual, that's a great start. Often, those have a parts list or at the very least, they will tell you what model stove you have. All of our parts listings on East Coast Hearth state the stove model, so for example, if you know you are looking for a burn pot for Enviro Meridian, then you're all set.

But lets say, you don't have a manual. Getting a used stove can be a great value and it gives a great pellet stove a new home, but often the new stove owner doesn't receive a manual. The first place to check for the stove model is the back of the pellet stove. It also may be found underneath the hopper lid.

Occasionally, on an older stove, the lettering on the stove might be worn or hard to read. If you can't figure out which model Enviro stove you have, please contact customerservice@eastcoasthearth.com. We'd be happy to help. If you attach pictures of the front of the stove and the control panel, we can identify the model for you and send a link to the correct burn pot to order. You may also measure the dimensions of the burn pot and email them if you wish. We've serviced many Enviro stoves, so we've seen them all.

We've included a chart of burn pots liners, part numbers, and the stove models they fit below. Remember, some Enviro stove models have similar looking burn pot liners, but they are NOT identical. They cannot be used to substitute for each other. Make sure you identify the stove model or ask us. You may click on the pictures and part numbers to view product pages. Many of our product pages show the Enviro burn pot dimensions.


 Picture of Enviro Burn Pot Enviro Part Number Stove Models They Fit
High Ash Enviro Burn Pot Liner 50-587 50-258


Enviro Pellet Stoves:

  • EF2
  • EF3
  • Meridian
  • Windsor

Vistaflame Pellet Stove:

  • VF 100

Hudson River

  • Chatham
  • Davenport
  • Kinderhook
Enviro Omega Fire Pot/Burn Pot Liner 50-1693


Enviro Omega
Enviro EF5 SS Burn Fire Pot Liner High Ash- 50-961


Enviro EF5 Evolution
Enviro Empress FS Burn Pot/Firepot Liner 50-1365


Enviro Empress FS
Enviro Maxx Vista Flame VF170 Burn Fire Pot Liner


  • Enviro Maxx
  • Vistaflame VF170
Enviro Vista Flame M55 VF55 SS Burn Fire pot Liner 50-2042


  • Enviro M55
  • Vistflame VF55
Steel Burn Pot Liner Enviro EF4i-024 EF4 Solus


  • Enviro EF4
  • Solus
Enviro Mini-A Burn Pot Liner - 50-1923


  • Mini-A
  • Mini (if Upgragded with a Mini A burn pot)


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