May 06, 2017

Upgrading & Rebuilding your Breckwell Pellet Stove Convection/Room Blower


Recently, while rebuilding the Convection Blower in a Breckwell pellet stove, I discovered a more durable, higher torque motor. The Blower kit has a more durable 1.75 amp motor and is the same speed of 3,000 RPMs same as the original blower to and produces the same 120 CFM. This smoother ball bearing motor is built to last longer. I’ve put together a rebuild kit that comes with everything you need for upgrading to this motor.

Breckwell Convection Blower

The stove originally has an open frame motor attached to the black squirrel cage housing with three stud bolts. Closed frame motors, where the magnet and windings are concealed in a round black case, cannot be rebuilt in this manner. See picture of old open frame motor below.

Breckwell RoomBlower

To install this kit just do the following:

Remove the old blower from the stove by unclipping the motor power wires and removing the bolts that hold the blower flange and old flange gasket in the stove.

  1. 1.Remove 3 metal screws over squirrel cage impeller and remove ring.
    Spray old motor shaft with PB blaster. Remove squirrel cage set screw with Torqx T20 driver and remove squirrel cage applying even pressure under cage with a screw driver or small pry bar.
    3. Remove 3 motor nuts and remove old motor and shaft.
    4. Clean blower housing and install new parts from kit in reverse order.
    5. Use new high temperature silicone gasket when mounting blower assembly in pellet stove and plug in power wires. Connect green wire under stove bolt or nut for proper grounding.

Breckwell Convection Room Blower  Breckwell Room Convection Blower

The new motor and squirrel cage delivers warm room air while running quietly. It comes with a reusable silicone mounting gasket, which reduces vibration, making the motor even quieter.

Convection Room Blower Breckwell

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