6 Inch Magnum Baby Countryside High Quality Exhaust/Combustion Blower- 2 female clips w/Exhaust housing- hole for Low Limit - GA ExBlw/ PP7906/ UniHub/ White Gasket

Our famous "Low Drafter Kit"
 Magnum Baby Countryside High quality quieter open frame Exhaust/Combustion Blower with universal mounting hub and white gasket as a replacement for all pellet stove exhaust blowers with 6" mounting hub with large 11 petal 4.5" impeller blade. This blade keeps ash from building up under and around the exhaust blower to keep efficiency up for longer and better burns.It has a higher current so it works more consistently at lower speeds. It works better at lower heat levels and lasts longer and burns pellets more completely.
Motor is 3,000 RPMs and 1.75 Amps.
Note: The existing exhaust blower flange must be removed and all the RTV cleaned off with a wire brush. This exhaust blower flange must be installed with the original screws and high temperature silicone.
Replaces RP2030  RP-2030 RP 2030
AMP-COMBPLATE BM2524-A1756T-1371 PP5200 PP7906