Country Flame Fuel Stirrer Rod Fix Kit 1 - PP1365 - HR101 - CB94

Country Flame Fuel Rod Fix kit for clunk noise when fuel stirrer rod stirs in burn pot.
 This will also help fix black carbon building up in burn pot and stove running too hot on the low heat levels of 1 and 2
Kit contains:
QTY 2- Bushings for connecting rod connects sprocket to fuel stirrer rod called the Drive Shaft- PP1365
QTY 1- Drive Shaft- HR-101
QTY 1- Hub that locks in drive shaft. CB94
To Install
Left Side of stove
Remove fuel stirrer rod drive chain by loosening drive motor mounting screws
Remove 2 set screws from drive sproket
Inside fire box
Loosen hub bolt and pull hub back
Remove burn pot with stirrer rod
Remove Drive Shaft
Pry out both bronze bushings from inside of fire box and the other from left side of stove.
Clean & lube new bushings and bang in new bushings.
Slide in new drive shaft and slip on new hub.
Then re-install burn pot with fuel stirrer rod

Fits the following Country Flame pellet stove models:

Country Flame Cross Fire - C

Country Flame Cross Fire - P

Harvester - HR-01