Door Handle Assembly- Magnum T40/Baby Countryside RP2097 (MF3626)

Door Handle Assembly for Magnum pellet stoves. Replaces part # RP2097. MF3626 is the direct replacement for RP2097.

Fits the following Magnum pellet stoves:

    • MagnuM Avent DC
    • MagnuM Baby Countryside AC
    • MagnuM Baby Countryside DC
    • MagnuM Essex DC
    • MagnuM T40 Fireplace Insert AC
    • MagnuM T40 Fireplace Insert DC
    • MagnuM T40 Queen Ann Leg Unit AC
    • MagnuM T40 Queen Ann Leg Unit DC
    • MagnuM Winchester AC
    • MagnuM Winchester AC Fireplace Insert
    • MagnuM Winchester DC
    • MagnuM Winchester DC Fireplace Insert