Magnum Auger Bushing- 6500/ 7500/ Baby Countryside/ Winchester/ Countryside- P1178

Lower Auger Bushing (Bearing) for Magnum pellet stoves. Magnum part P1178. Made of delron plastic that will not lose lubrication from heat, which helps the auger motor last longer.

Note: For Countryside stoves, order 2 of these delron bushings to replace both the bushings. For Baby Countryside and Winchester, the upper bearing needs to be replaced with the brass bushing. Click the link below for the set that replaces both bearings for Baby Countryside and Winchester:

Baby Countryside and Winchester Auger Bearing

Fits the following Magnum pellet stoves:

  • MagnuM 6500 Furnace
  • MagnuM 7500 Furnace
  • MagnuM Baby Countryside AC
  • MagnuM Baby Countryside DC
  • MagnuM Countryside Fireplace Insert
  • MagnuM Countryside Pedestal
  • MagnuM Countryside Queen Ann Leg Unit
  • MagnuM Winchester AC
  • MagnuM Winchester AC Fireplace Insert
  • MagnuM Winchester DC, MagnuM
  • Winchester DC Fireplace Insert