Magnum Convection Blower Countryside MF3541 (Room Air)

This Magnum Convection Blower draws the room air in through the back of the stove into the heat exchanger and out the front. This creates the warm air that heats the house.

Fits the following Magnum pellet/multi-fuel stoves: MagnuM Countryside Fireplace Insert, MagnuM Countryside Pedestal, MagnuM Countryside Queen Ann Leg Unit

This blower has longer leads.
One is 16 inches with female clip on the end
The other lead 50 Inches with female clip on the end

This convection blower is 230 CFM

Comes with 4" x 4 3/8" flange mounting upgraded high temperature silicone gasket to reduce vibration and noise better than the original rope gasket. See Pic >>