Pellet Stove Heavy Duty 16 gauge AC Line Cord to plug stove into the wall outlet

Pellet Stove Heavy Duty AC cord. Wire is 16 Gauge that can handle all the current from blowers and augers. This 6 foot cord will easily plug into stove and plug into the wall outlet. 

Standard 3 prong and 3 female connector for stoves with plug in AC connection such as Magnum and Quadrafire.

 This cord should be replaced if all power is lost after the stove is started and warms up.

The heat can make the stove connection fail.

 For stoves that do not have a stove connector, the end can be cut and the wires stripped to connect into the stove through the strain relief.

This cord has the standard Black (Hot), White (Nuetral) and Green (Ground) wires and should be connected properly inside the stove using these colors.


A surge protector is also recommended